All qualifying legs and the Championships will follow the most recent British Eventing rules where appropriate.


In addition, the following rules will apply:


  • Competitors must be at least 10 years old for 70cm, 80cm and 90 cm classes and at least 12 years old for the 100cm classes.


  • Rider age will be taken as per the 1st January 2022.


  • Horses must be at least 5 years of age. The age will be calculated from the 1st January in the year in which it was foaled.


  • Horses must be entered in their full passport name.

  • Horses can have unlimited British Eventing Foundation points. They must not have acquired any Novice or above British Eventing points in the current or preceding two seasons. If they have acquired points in the preceding two seasons they can compete at the qualifiers but will not gain points towards Championships qualification.


  • Points will be issued at all qualifiers as follows:

1st       75 pts

2nd     69 pts

3rd      63 pts

4th      57 pts

5th      51 pts

6th      45 pts

7th      39 pts

8th      33 pts

9th      27 pts

10th    21 pts

Double clears outside of the top ten placings receive 19 pts.

  • Riders can ride more than one horse at the Championships providing the horse and rider combination have qualified.

 Our 2022 stance on Professionals

The Cotswold Cup are very supportive of our professional riders and every event horse has to start their journey somewhere. 

We were delighted to welcome the likes of dual Olympic medal winner Tom McEwen MBE to some of our qualifiers with his young horses and hope many of our competitors get they could watch and learn from not only him, but all of the top stream riders who joined us last season.

It is almost impossible to definitively define a professional in the eventing world. Many riders have a yard of horses for sale and may not compete over 100cms in their career and another rider might have one horse that takes them around a 5*. 

We are quite simply unable to separate professional riders from amateurs, so have opted for the following for 2022 and we hope that this is clear.

  • Anyone can compete at a qualifier.


You will NOT gain championship qualifying points if the following apply:

  • 70cm riders must not have competed over Novice level eventing with an affiliated body.

  • 80cm and 90cm riders must not have competed at Advanced level eventing or above with an affiliated body in the preceding FIVE seasons.

  • 100cm classes are open to any level of rider.


Any horse gaining points towards championship qualification and going on to compete at the championships must NOT have gained any British Eventing points in the preceding two seasons (2020 and 2021). Foundation points are fine.

  • All government Covid rules will apply as per the guidelines at the time of the competition. 

  • We reserve the right to use any official imagery from our qualifying events. If you do not wish your image to be used you must let us know in writing to

  • All prize winners must attend the prize-giving or risk forfeiting any prizes in full.

The Cotswold Cup reserve the right to amend and update rules at any time.