Inc. The Cotswold Cup Qualifier
20th, 21st & 22nd May 2022



By kind permission of Nicholas Johnston


CLASSES AT 80cm, 90cm and 100cm
BD Judges, BS standard SJ and BE standard XC courses

Entries open: 19th April 2022 at 6pm

Entries close: 6th May 2022 or when full


For queries contact: Amy 07900 994398 or

Competitors will be required to print their own A4 size numbers prior to the event. These can be downloaded from when you get your times.


Online at

All entries are subject to a non-refundable booking fee as stated above. 


Start fee:

As per 2021 – the start fee is incorporated into entry fee.

Late entries may be accepted online if classes are not full at a cost of an additional £5.00.

Entries close 6th May 2022 or when full.



If you can provide a volunteer for either day of the event this would be appreciated. Thank you!!


Body Protectors: 

Note these are compulsory for the Cross Country phase and strongly recommended for Show Jumping. Body Protectors should be worn under an air jacket if a competitor chooses to wear one.


Course Walking:

The course will be ready for walking from 3pm on Thursday 19th May 2022


Bad Weather:

Announcements will be made via email and social media - if you are unsure please contact the Organiser to check if the event is going ahead.


Number Bibs:

These are not provided. A4 paper inserts to be printed at home ahead of the competition.


Start Times:

Times will be available from Wednesday 18th May 2022 after 6pm at


Prizes and Rosettes:

Prizes can be collected at the event. Results will be issued online following completion of the competition Any queries should be raised as soon as possible. Rosettes will be awarded to 8thplace. Prize money will be paid by BACS within 7 days of completion of the competition on receipt of a completed prize money claim form. The cut off date for returning prize money forms is 11th June 2022. If your form is received after this date you will not be paid your prize money.  


If substituting either a horse or rider there is a £5 administration fee. Substituting a horse and rider combination in its entirety constitutes a new entry and a full entry fee must be paid. 



Withdrawals must be registered with the entry’s secretary in writing via email to or text message to 07900 994398. Phone calls and social media messages will not be accepted as a formal withdrawal. You must notify the on-site secretary if you wish to withdraw during the event.

Withdrawal Policy:

1.  Withdrawals for whatever reason prior to the closing date (6th May 2022) will receive a full refund minus a £10 administration fee.

2.  Withdrawals for whatever reason after the closing date (6th May 2022) and before 12 noon on 18th May will receive a full refund minus a £10 administration fee ONLY on receipt of a veterinary or doctor’s certificate that must be presented prior to the day of competition. 

3.  Any withdrawal after noon on the 18th May will not be refunded unless we are able to replace the entry from the wait list. By this point we have allocated times for the event.



General Terms and Conditions 

  1. The horse trials will be run under British Eventing rules unless otherwise stated.

  2. It is compulsory that ALL riders wear hats/helmets up to British Standard Riding Hats conforming to All PAS 015,VG1 – provided they are BSI Kitemarked, European VG1 – provided they are Kitemarked American, All SEI ASTM F1 163 04a onwards and SNELL E2001 Australian and New Zealand – AS/NZS 3838 2006 onwards. All Hats must carry a Cotswold Cup Tag or 2018 Turquoise British Eventing/PC or RC tag.

  3. Riding is a risk sport and it is compulsory that all riders wear a body protector to the latest BETA standards. You are not allowed to wear a BETA Level 3 body protector with a 2000 label. Air Jackets may be worn but in conjunction with a body protector.

  4. It is compulsory that every person entering the one day event under 18 years of age is accompanied by a responsible adult.

  5. Event stopwatches are permitted.  

  6. If dogs must come they should remain on short leads at ALL times, however, we would prefer them to be left at home.

  7. Horseboxes must NOT be mucked out on site and anyone caught doing so will be fined.

  8. The Owner and Organiser of the event reserve the right to remove anyone from the event site at any time without giving a reason.

  9. There will be a doctor and paramedics on site. 

  10. There will be a vet and farrier on site.

  11. Horses must be at least 5 years of age. The age will be calculated from the 1st January in the year in which it was foaled.

  12. The event may be cancelled without notice due to adverse weather. If there are doubts over the event running, you should contact the organiser. A £25 administration fee will be retained from entry fees in the event of cancellation.

  13. The event may be cancelled without notice due to further incidence of infectious disease. A £25 administration fee will be retained from entry fees in the event of cancellation. Unfortunately we are unable to insure against infectious diseases in 2022.

  14. You accept our withdrawal and cancellation policies as stated on the schedule.

  15. Any complaints or queries must be given in writing to the secretary within 30 minutes of the scores being posted with a fee of £10 which will be refunded if the objection is upheld.

  16. The fall of a competitor in any phase of the event results in elimination. Any rider who falls must be checked by the doctor prior to leaving the site. 

  17. Outside assistance is forbidden and will result in elimination. 

  18. Anyone on the event site must expect to have their photograph taken and we reserve the right to publish suitable photographs along with names if relevant. If you do not wish for you photograph to be taken please inform the secretary.

19.  Competitors must be at least 10 years old on the 01/01/2022. For competitors in the under 18's sections, riders age will be taken as per the 01/01/2022

20.  Horses with novice or above BE points cannot qualify for Cotswold Cup championships as per published rules on website

21.  Covid guidelines must be adhered to, and may be subject to change according to changing government guidelines.  Please read these and tick box on entry form.   

22.   Please refer to  for qualification rules for Cotswold Cup

23.   Safe Guarding & Code of Conduct: We take this Seriously at all Competitions. Please see our Policy available online.  


All horses/ponies should have received a vaccination within 12 months of the date of the competition having already received their initial course of injections. There must be six clear days between the last vaccination and the date of the competition. Random checks will be taking place.

This policy is non-negotiable. 

Personal Injury and Insurance:

The event site owner nor organiser does not insure the rider, your horse, your tack or your equipment. You are strongly advised to have in place your own adequate insurance at all times

The venue, nor anyone included in the organisation of the event will not be held responsible for ANY accident, injury or loss to any person or their property however this may be caused.

Riding horses is a high-risk sport and riders taking part in this event acknowledge this and do so at their own risk and that the organisers and land owners will not be accountable or responsible for any loss, damage or injury to rider, horse or equipment however caused, including Covid-19 

Health and Safety:

The organisers of this event have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and to prevent accidents occurring and must obey the rules and instructions of the organisers, stewards and officials.